Insulation air sealing and weatherization


Lake Mills WI / Madison WI 


Your work in our attic is a big success as we have no more condensation or ice on the tray ceiling in our master bedroom. Another indication of success is the higher temperature reading on the thermometer in this room. The temperature is up just over one degree without any thermostat or register setting changes. Our house is more comfortable now.

Your wind blocking has stopped the previous condition that allowed wind to blow in through the soffit and push the old insulation away from edges of the attic. This blocking, when combined with the new insulation that you put in, keeps the cold air in the attic instead of coming through our ceiling. It also keeps the warm air inside the house instead of going up into the attic.

Thanks for a great job!

Tom, Fitchburg, WI

It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation for your services. I had quite a complicated job involving both the attic and cellar. I had three services examine the job and give me estimates; Cellar to Attic was one of them.

What impressed me most was your careful analysis of the problems and your clear explanation of what had to be done and how you would go about doing it.

Your estimate was a fair one and based on your careful analysis of the problem and willingness to share information with me, I accepted your bid.

Now that the job is completed I couldn't be happier with my decision; the quality of your work is excellent and your willingness to keep me informed step by step is much appreciated.

I recommend you highly without qualification.


Leonard S., M.D., Madison, WI


Rich & Deb,
Thanks so much for your hard work! You were both so nice to work with, so patient with my many questions, and to my delight genuinely nice people beyond business manners.

My house/home means so much to me. I've always felt that I'm more it's guardian than it's owner. I think I've done well for it!

Thanks again,

Mary, Cooksville, WI

We are glad that we chose your company, Cellar to Attic, to improve our house through the Home Performance with Energy Star program.

Unlike other bidders, Cellar to Attic was not trying to rebuild the house, but stayed focused on the problem of energy efficiency. Therefore, your bid was fair, comprehensive, and to the point addressing the immediate home performance deficiencies. You gave us excellent feedback to our many questions.

In doing the job, you took extra care not to create a mess for the occupants. Your company is well equipped to do the specialized job of sealing and insulation to improve energy efficiency.

Now that the work is completed, we find that while it is hot outside during the summer, it has become cooler in the upstairs of the house. We are looking forward to lower energy bills and no worries about ice dams on the main roof.

We gladly and without hesitation recommend you and Cellar to Attic.

Budi & Julie, Madison, WI

Thank you for such efficient, professional, and top quality service. It has been a pleasure working with you!

Anita, Madison, WI

It was truly a great pleasure working with you and we are certainly grateful for all the attention to detail. Because of the time you spent answering all our many questions, we are entirely confident that, in the end, it was money very well spent. We are now looking forward to a more comfortable home, lower energy bills, and the elimination of our ice dams that we used to see every winter.

Paul and Andrea D., Madison, WI

You were the only company to respond so quickly every time I had a question. You did a great job keeping me in the loop as far as scheduling was concerned, your pricing was very fair, and I never felt like I was "just another customer" to be tossed off with a shrug like at some companies. Above all you and Deb were just really nice and honest people and that made everything just delightful.

Amber Nicole D., Madison, WI


Hi Rich,
I just received my gas bill today and I had to e-mail you.

Our gas bill for March 13th to April 13th showed usage/day of: last year 6.04; this year 2.44! Feb to March was: last year 10.93, this year 5.14. Jan to Feb: last year 13.88, this year 5.93. We are absolutely astounded at the results of the insulation. And even though the savings of money is wonderful, the warmth of our upstairs this past winter was fabulous. No more electric blankets and flannel pajamas and socks.

We have told several people about you and the great job you did in our home. I hope you will get some calls and that you can help others as you helped us. You were so professional and you know your stuff!

Thanks again.
Jamie M., Lake Mills, WI