Here a bath fan is vented directly into the attic! We see this a lot and it must be fixed.

An air leak big enough to fall through! This must be sealed!

Sheathing and insulation removed then spray foamed

Unattached garage. Customer wanted 1.5" Spray foam to concrete walls and ceiling so he could heat it.

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Here are some pictures of air leaks we have sealed, issues we have fixed and homes we have insulated

Filling empty wall cavities with dense-pack cellulose

Another attic where we had the sheathing removed and spray foamed the rafter cavities to stop moisture problems and insulate the cavity to the maximum r-value!

Insulation falling down. Don't worry, this was fixed!

Vaulted ceiling. We tore off the roof sheathing, removed fiberglass, air sealed,sealed eaves and added vents

Disconnected duct work. Another thing we find from time to time and we fix this too!

Here Mark Furst with Grading Spaces, LLC tests a bath fan for efficiency. If we find a bath fan is not performing as expected, we can make changes to the fan or ducting to increase performance. Sometimes the best thing is a new fan with proper venting.

Mold on walls! We discovered this was caused by cold air falling down from the attic along a space behind the plastered walls. The customer decided to fix this themselves! I still worry about how that turned out.

Walls have been dense-packed with cellulose

Here our customer just wanted to clean up the messy insulation. We did so by adding 1" foam-board and blew dense-pack cellulose to fill the cavities to make them warm and air-tight. This home is a cape cod (story and a half) and they can be energy hogs!

Basement sill boxes have been spray foamed

Air sealing. Box built over can light to seal and the skylight to the right was spray foamed, some other air sealing is visible to the left. Cellulose next!

Here is a giant hole (air leak) along a chimney. Of course, we sealed this!

Moisture problem (you can see it lower right). The fiberglass blew away from eave making the ceiling cold causing condensation. We fixed by adding 2" foam blocking at eaves.

For this crawlspace, we sprayed 3" of spray foam to the sills, walls and floor. Why did we insulate the floor? Because it is was cold and drafty! Total r-value of 21 here.

We had the sheathing removed, air sealed the attic then filled each 3.5" cavity with foam.  Air tight & warm!

Insulation air sealing and weatherization

Here we sprayed 3" of foam to the outside of this customer's basement walls. We extended the foam out 2' on the ground. The surface will be covered on the ground with gravel and the walls with a special UV and weather resistant coating.


Lake Mills WI / Madison WI 

Customer had pipes freeze in this area. We removed ceiling of porch and spray foamed the entire box sill area